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Sundae Theme Party
Recommended for ages 7 - 11

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Tempt guests to attend your sundae-making party with invitations featuring such delicious images as a variety of sundaes with such toppings as cherries, sprinkles, bananas, and chocolate sauce; ice cream in cups, cones, and bowls; and party hats and noisemakers.

For a clever ice-cream-themed decoration that can be hung on walls or strung from the ceiling, take large sheets of construction paper to roll and tape into cone shapes. Then position and glue several balloons to the top of the cone to create the ice cream. For unique table centerpieces, arrange white, brown, and pink balloons in large bowls to resemble Neopolitan ice cream, then top with a bright red balloon for a cherry top.

Before the ice-cream-sundae making begins, entertain guests with such activities as pin-the-cherry-on-top-of-the-sundae (using a large drawing of an ice-cream sundae), draw your favorite ice-cream sundae (using markers or crayons), and sculpt-a-sundae (using clay or Play-doh to create a just-for-fun treat). Then, seat everyone at a plastic-tablecloth-covered table, and give them their own sundae bowl and spoon. In the middle of the table, set out several gallons of different-flavored ice creams plus various toppings such as hot fudge, caramel, butterscotch, marshmallow, pineapple, crushed peanuts, wet walnuts, sprinkles, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries. Get out the ice cream scoops, serving spoons, and lots of napkins -- and let the delicious fun commence!

Prior to making the ice-cream sundaes, offer your guests such healthy snacks as fresh fruit, vegetable sticks, and peanut butter and crackers to munch on.

Thereís only one type of cake that goes well with a sundae-making party: an ice-cream cake! You can order one at the local ice-cream shop, or make your own by freezing in a cake pan one layer of chocolate ice cream and one layer of vanilla ice cream, with a layer of chocolate cookie crumbs between them, and a layer of frosting on top.

Goody Bags
Instead of a traditional goody bag, send guests home with a large ice-cream cone filled with gumballs, toy rings, and other little goodies. Wrap each treat-filled cone in cellophane before handing them out.

Match your thank-you notes to your invitation, or choose a complementary design. Teach your child good manners by having him or her sign each note. You might add an ice-cream sticker next to the childís name or on the envelope to remind guests of their scrumptious day. Donít forget to mention what the gift was that youíre thanking the person for -- and how much your child enjoyed it!


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