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Magic Theme Party
Recommended for ages 3 - 8

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Send out invitations with any of these magic-themed designs and -- abracadabra! -- your guests will soon appear: magicianís hat with rabbit, magic wand, playing cards, rope, magic box, white gloves, juggling pins, and a flaming ring or hoop.

Create a festive, magic-themed atmosphere by setting up a special area where the magician will perform. You can create stage curtains by running a thin rope from one side of the room to the other, and hanging drapes from the rope at the point where the performance will be. This creates a sense of excitement as the magician behind the curtain prepares to entertain guests. Playing cards taped onto walls and tables add color and whimsy, too. For a fun centerpiece, take a plastic top hat and turn it over, then place a white rabbit plush toy within it.

Hire a professional magician if possible, unless a family member or friend can perform a few magic tricks well. Before the show, keep guests entertained with a variety of card games geared toward their age group. After the show, ask the magician to demonstrate how to perform one simple trick, so guests come away having learned something they can repeat at home.

Part of the fun here is not so much what you serve, as what you serve it in. Offer guests drinks in mugs that magically change design or color when something hot or cold is placed within them. For snacks, try rabbit food, i.e, carrot sticks; fruit kebobs on magic wands (use chopsticks); and Lucky Charms cereal.

A cake in the shape of a magicianís hat makes for a delicious treat thatís no trick to make! Start with a large rectangular cake, then cut it into the desired shape. Use an icing tube to create an illustration of a rabbit popping out from the top of the hat.

Goody Bags
Shop your local party store for plenty of small, inexpensive magic items to fill your guestsí goody bags. Lots of puzzle-type items will work well, too. You might also add a chocolate bunny. Before filling the bags, decorate them with stickers and rubber stamps in the shapes of stars and moons.

Match your thank-you notes to your invitation, or choose a complementary design. Teach your child good manners by allowing him or her to sign their name to each note. Also, donít forget to mention what the gift was that youíre thanking the person for -- and how much your child enjoyed it! For a final nice touch, place a rabbit sticker on the envelope to remind partygoers of their special day of magic.


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