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Knight Theme Party
Recommended for ages 6 - 11

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Let the festivities begin with knight-themed invitations that show such images as castles, swords and shields, fire-breathing dragons, wooden horses, shields with royal crests, and armor.

Your home is your castle, so make it look like one for this knights’ party! Use large pieces of oaktag paper to cut out shield shapes, then use paints or markers to decorate the shields with a variety of royal-looking crests. Hang your shields around the room on the walls. Next, raid your child’s room for such knight-related props as a rocking horse, dragons, castles with knights, plastic swords, and any other items that can be placed around the party room to create a Medieval atmosphere.

Place a dark-colored paper or plastic tablecover over a large round table to create a King Arthur’s Round Table. Seat partygoers around the table, then have them make their own armor with sheets of aluminum foil and tape to cover their torsos, arms, and legs. Mock sword-fighting with toy swords is fun, but should be well supervised to keep partygoers -- and your furnishings -- safe. Outdoor parties can utilize the backyard swingset as a castle to defend. If your budget will allow it, hire a pony to provide rides (but no jousting!) for your knights-in-training.

Expect hearty appetites at a knight party, so offer plenty of finger foods such as barbecued chicken legs, carrot and celery sticks, Swiss Knight cheese cubes with crackers, plus apple juice "mead" served in mugs.

A round cake makes for a great round table -- just position small toy knights around its perimeter! Using an icing tube, decorate the top of the cake with a royal crest in the shape of a shield, along with icons such as a king’s crown, crossed swords, and horse’s head. After cutting the cake into slices, use a clean toy sword to serve your hungry knights.

Goody Bags
Send partygoers home with a goody bag fit for a king, filled with such items as a plastic knight toy, cookies or candies, stickers, and other small treats.

Match your thank-you notes to your invitation, or choose a complementary design. Then let your child sign his or her own name on each note. In keeping with the knight party tone, you might have your child put Sir or Lady before their name; e.g., "Thanks for coming to my party! Your Friend, Sir Brian." Be sure to mention what the gift was that you’re thanking the person for -- and how much your child enjoyed it!


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