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Bridal Shower Themes:
Pamper the Bride

More Bridal Shower Party Themes

Look for invitations that have pictures of a bride, or a bridal veil. Script lettering or calligraphy is appropriate for this theme. Decorate the border of the invitation with real or printed lace. Be sure to include the bride's clothing sizes and color preferences.

Create an atmosphere of luxury, indulgence, and tranquillity. Adorn the room with lots of lace, ribbons, flowers, potpourri, and candles. Hang a paper parasol over the bride's chair and give her a corsage to wear (hint: try to find out what she'll be wearing and get a corsage to match). Put an open hope chest in the room and fill it with the gifts. Strands of small white lights hung around the room will add a nice sparkle to the scene.

Perfume; bath soaps; body splash; a robe; a loofah; gift certificates for a massage, manicure, pedicure, facial, or a visit to a spa; bath oils; padded satin hangers; a bottle of champagne; bubble bath; a fancy shower cap.

Games and Activities
Fill a decorative jar with candy. Have everyone write down the number of individual candies they think are in the jar. At the end of the evening, reveal the correct number, and award the jar and its contents to the person whose guess came closest.

The emphasis should be on decadence. Quiche, cucumber sandwiches, dessert coffees, fancy teas, liqueurs, and truffles all add to the sense of indulgence.

Party Favors
Wrap fancy soaps or potpourri in tulle netting and tie it off with a ribbon. You can use each bag as a placecard by tying a name tag to the ribbon.


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